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Famous Depressing Quotes about depressed people

depressing quotes about feel inferior
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depressing quotes

Instead of wiping your tears, wipe away the people who create them.

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being forgotten

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more depressing quotes

There is nothing more depressing than having it all and still feeling sad.

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depressing quotes


Depressing Quotes : No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Author Eleanor Roosevelt.

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depression is prison

Depression Quotes : Depression is a prison where you are both the prisoner and the cruel jailer.

Quote Written by Dorothy Rowe.

Source : www.notable-quotes.com

Long Paraphrased Depressing Quotes about depression

Depression is worser than cancer, people who have got cancer atleast feel that they are really loved and more importantly they would have the hope to survive and also possess self-esteem. Depressing Quotes Written by David D. Burns

Nothing is blocking in my arteries. But I feel that pain. Nothing Caught by attention, not able to say practically anything, it is nothingness which becomes me. I could not feel anything else except emptiness. I do not have any faith and feel like suicide. Depressed Quotes Authored by Jeanette Winterson.

Quotes about depression : Depression is the toughest things to clarify others. Here I am trying to clarify it anyways. It is one of the many forms of mental illness. Your life become dark…making your thoughts only sprawl in the negative territory… you will start wondering whether it is possible to ever see the light in your life. This feeling and emptiness is what tears you apart and kills you. You will forget your natural smile and artifically smile just to hide your inner emptiness to your friends and family. Some individuals get out of this mental illness by themselves by controlling their mind, for some others this disease could be lethal and lead to suicide. This is the sadest part of this mental illness.

Depression Quotes :You will like to be with people whom you never met in any of your circumstances. You would feel like the people whom you were in touch with previously have ripped your heart out of your chest and shattered into many pieces which could not rebuild it staying with them.

It feels like you are carrying a big elephant with you. Those things you enjoy the most  like sports, watching videos, playing video games with the Top 3 Weirdest Minecraft Skins, playing with friends really does not matter anymore. Depression is actually the continuous feeling of numbness and emptiness. There are actually no words to express this feeling. It can also lead to dangerous consequences. Depressing Quotes Author Tonia Funk Brassell.

Many people think that sadness is depression and people who are in depression cries a lot and wear black dresses. They are all not right. Depression tends to make all things you have worthless and leads to despairing. You wake up every morning and do nothing other than thinking negatively about your situation and then go back to bed. Life is only sorrow and blankness.


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