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Famous Picture Attitude Quotes and Sayings

attitude quotes attitude towards others
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may hear your words

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I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves. – Louis Hay

people may feel your attitude

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If you don’t like something. Change it. If you cant change, change your attitude about it.Maya Angelou

hurting my feelings

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Don’t worry about people who say behind your back. They are the ones who find faults in your life instead of fixing their own

bad attitude is like flat tire

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It isn’t what we think and what we say that define us. It is what we doJane Austen


Famous Attitude Quote

Don’t worry about hurting my feelings, because I guarantee you not one bit of my self esteem is tied up in your acceptanceDr Phil

Long Atttitude Pharaphrases

There will likely be a handful of occasions within your life when all of your instincts will let you know to accomplish one thing, some thing that defies logic, annoys your plans, and may possibly look crazy to other folks. When that takes place, you do it. Listen for your instincts and ignore every thing else. Neglect logic, ignore the odds, neglect the complications, and just go for it. This quote is created by Judith McNaught

There’s a lot about my fate that I can not manage, but other items do fall below the jurisdiction. I can choose how I invest my time, whom I communicate with, whom I share my physique, life, income and power with. I can pick what I can study and consume. I can opt for how I am going to regard unfortunate situations in my life-whether I’ll see them as curses or possibilities. I can select my words as well as the tone of voice in which I speak to other people. And the majority of all, I can pick out my ideas – Elizabeth Gilbert

Correct happiness should be to take pleasure in the present, without the need of anxious dependence upon the future, to not amuse ourself with either expectation or fears but to rest happy with what we’ve, which can be adequate, for he that’s so desires nothing at all. The greatest blessings of human race are inside us and inside our attain. A smart man is content material with his lot, what ever it might be, without having wishing for what they have not – Seneca

I’ve usually located it odd that individuals who consider passive aggressively ignoring an individual is generating a point to them. The sole point it tends to make to any person is your incapacity to articulate your point of view since deep down you understand you can not win. It is far better to assert your self and inform the particular person you will be moving on with no them and why, instead of leave a lasting impression of cowardness in your aspect within a person’s thoughts by avoiding them – Shannon Alder

Nothing at all within this planet can take the location of persistence. Talent won’t; absolutely nothing is extra frequent than unsuccessful guys with talent. Genius won’t; unrewarded genius is nearly a proverb. Education is not going to; the globe is complete of educated derelicts. Persistence and dedication alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and constantly will resolve the challenges with the human race – Calvin Coolidge

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